meet the moreaus


Hey! We are a husband and wife (and best friend) team specializing in Cleveland, Colorado, and destination wedding photography. We've made our home in Cleveland, Ohio since our wedding in 2014. Our style is classic, candid, and fun. We take the time to capture the details that others may not have seen. We're basically photography ninjas (we specialize in "Unagi" - bonus points if you know what that is). We enjoy providing high quality photographs and a fun experience to our couples. We specialize in making sure that after coming on as a Moreau & Company wedding client, you no longer have to worry. We'll walk you through everything and keep things on track for you.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, we look forward to getting to know you!


Jenn: I have to preface this by saying that I hate writing these 'about me' things.. I'd rather hear about you! But if you MUST know, I love flowers, and just plants in general - green is easily becoming my favorite color! I plan and organize everything - lists are my jam. The first day of snow is my favorite day of the year. I hate change, and I'm a huge sentimental person. I'm a mix of Lorelai Gilmore, Monica Geller, and Joanna Gaines (my hubby is totally Chip, too!) I love knitting, music, and lots of sunshine. And I have the sweetest dog ever.

Cleveland Wedding Photographer - Shawn.jpg

Shawn: Let's get one thing out of the way right off the bat, I'm a bit of a nut - I thoroughly enjoy a good laugh... even if it's just me, laughing at myself. My "Dad-humor" is on LOCK. I'm definitely the "Chip" to Jenn's "Joanna" - and by that I mean I'm constantly doing things that makes Jenn roll her eyes. I get to spend the majority of every day with my amazingly talented wife. When she said in 2014 that she wanted to express her creativity through photography, and that she'd be good at it, I said "prove it." I've been along for the ride shortly thereafter and it's been incredible! My favorite part of wedding photography is the incredible people we get to meet, and of course, the beautiful places around the world that we get to travel to on our adventures!

Jenn's Photo was taken by Anne Spires Photography

a few of our Favorite things

  • Our dog, Flynnigan

  • Binge watching The Office, Friends, Parks & Rec or Gilmore Girls

  • New York City (he proposed in Central Park!)

  • Ice Cream (hers-Pistachio / his-Moose Tracks)

  • Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

  • Anywhere with mountains

  • Fall & Winter

  • Breakfast at diners

  • Anything French