8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer / by Shawn Moreau


Let's talk about the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer for your big day, as opposed to letting a friend with a good camera do it, leaving it to your guests or hiring a photographer that specializes in something other than wedding photography.

We hear all sorts of horror stories from people who chose those avenues and are forever stuck with less than amazing wedding photos.  In today's blog we're going to discuss 8 reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your favorite moments at your wedding.

As wedding photographers, we wanted to point out a few specific reasons to hire a professional photographer, and have no regrets on your wedding day.  

1.) Great photography is about more than a fancy camera. It's about knowing the camera.  It's about knowing which settings will produce the best results in the current environment.  Often times a professional wedding photographer has spent years of schooling, courses, workshops, and experience perfecting their craft to bring you the absolute best results on your wedding day.

2.) The advantage of being a wedding photographer for so many other couples, is that you tend to develop a "sense" of how the wedding day will develop.  Even as things go a little "sideways" a true professional photographer knows how to get things back on track and moving smoothly.  Not only that, but that same sense allows to you accurately predict when things like a stolen kiss, or a hidden glance are going to happen.  

3.) Professional Photographers know how to work in tricky lighting. As we walk into a room, we instantly size everything up and our potential camera settings are racing in our heads... even sometimes when we're not working.  Quick adjustments like that are the difference between beautiful wedding photos, and "well, we remember how beautiful that was..."

4.) There are a RIDICULOUS amount of emotions that come up during your wedding day.  There's been a lot of stress building up to this day, and we recognize that sometimes this manifests itself in unexpected ways.  We know how to deal with moms who are a little overwhelmed, the dad who just realized that later today he'll be giving away his daughter, or the groom who is going absolutely crazy not being able to see his bride yet!  

5.)  A non-professional wedding photographer doesn’t typically carry backup gear with them, a professional will. What does this mean for you? Put simply, it means that if anything goes wrong with one camera then they will always have another one with them. It also means that they will know what to do if a memory card corrupts or if the battery runs out they will always have a spare one.  Because these are not cheap, a non-professional typically has not invested in extras.

6.) Stuff Happens.  What if your friend is ill on your wedding day? Will they have someone they can call in an emergency? A professional will have a network of photographers and 2nd shooters they can call upon in an emergency.

7.) A non-professional photographer won’t have insurance.  What if something goes wrong and they cause an accident?  What if they accidentally back into a candle and burn down your venue?  What if one of your guests breaks their new camera.

8.)  At about 2/3 of the weddings we shoot we have an "Uncle Bob".  Uncle Bob is that well meaning family member who brings their DSLR in hopes of getting a perfect shot of the bride in her wedding dress.  Uncle Bob tends to stand in the middle of the aisle, step directly in front of the photographer and videographer, and raise in camera up out of the crowd perfectly in front of your photographers' shot.  A non-professional photographer, or a photographer that specializes in something other than weddings might be phased.  A well-seasoned professional wedding photographer has likely learned how to tactfully and yet firmly ask Uncle Bob to be aware of their actions.

I recognize that some of these things might seem a little far fetched, but there's a very real story behind each and every one of these points.  Yes, I know that it's sometimes hard to justify the cost of hiring a professional, but looking back on your day trust me - it's worth every penny!  And remember, an hour after your wedding you leave the venue, the food get thrown away, your flowers wilt, and there's one thing left to keep your memories alive and bring happiness to you regularly.... your wedding photos.

- Shawn