What to wear to an engagement session / by Shawn Moreau

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Now that engagement season is underway, I thought it would be a good time to talk about a question most brides ask.  What do I wear to my engagement session?  Ladies, let’s face it.. usually this is something that your man will not think about.  But you want your pictures to look like they're straight off Pinterest right?  Here’s a few tips:

  • Be yourself.  If you’re a flats more than a heels kinda gal, go with it!  Your photos are about your love and your flair.  Plus when you feel good about yourself, that confidence shows in your photos!  But just remember, better to be overdressed than underdressed.  After all, you and your family will have these photos for generations. (tennis shoes are a no-no)
  • Be comfortable.  While engagement sessions with Belle Moreau Photo typically last about forty-five minutes, we may be walking a bit, standing, and sitting in places you usually don’t. 
  • Be complimentary.  You and your guy don’t need to perfectly match.  But your level of style does.  If you’re dressy, he needs to be too.  If you're more casual, you get the point.  A great rule of thumb is to have complimentary colors.  Remember the color wheel from art class?  Colors that are across from each other are complimentary.  If you’d like to add a third color into your outfits make a triangle across the wheel.  (yellow, blue, red)  Another way to be complimentary is with your skin tone!  If you have lighter skin, light colors can wash you out.
  • Be simple.  Mixing patterns can be tricky, and they can distract the viewer to your outfits more than you.  If you’re wearing a pattern, have your guy in a solid color, or vise versa.
  • Be aware.  Where will your photos be taken?  If they’re more in a natural locations (think garden, park, etc.) a neutral color palette will be perfect.  If you’re going for a more urban vibe, a pop of color would be more fun! Another tip:  dress for the season!  We will be outside and while cute is important, being warm is more important.

Now that you’ve got that down, don’t forget these tips of what NOT to wear:

  • Tennis shoes & t-shirts.  Sorry guys, but these are just too casual.
  • Baggy clothing.  Make sure your clothing fits well, and is tucked in with a belt if it is on the loose side.  You want to avoid looking lost in your clothing.
  • Bright colors.  If you want to incorporate a pop of bright color, do it sparingly.  Usually fluorescent colors reflect on your skin and can look weird.
  • Crazy hair and makeup.  Make sure you are still you!  Getting your hair and makeup done can make your photos look beautiful, but make sure they reflect your style.  Need a recommendation?  Just ask!  I have connections with hair and makeup artists who would love to make you look beautiful for your session.